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When you consider ants consider the unclean routes they travel before they end up in your house, on your kitchen countertops, in your kitchen cabinets and near your meals so you ought to take steps to ensure that they’re away!

Ants outside do not get removed with the standard cockroach/spider sprays. Ants will typically stay away from locations that have been conventionally treated with spider or roach sprays.

Many companies will say to you that their general spray can also cover for ants but what they are not telling you is that the ants will just shut off their colony access points and reopen them elsewhere.

Our ant treatments will not just eradicate the surface ants but the whole colony of ants and their queen.

We fix the Australian ant problem!

Although there are 1,300 ant species known around Australia, there are relatively few that we generally known as unwanted pests. These include;

  • Argentine ant
  • Black house ant
  • Bull ant
  • Coastal brown ant
  • Fire ant
  • Garden ant
  • Ghost ant
  • Green ant
  • Odorous house ant
  • Pavement ant
  • Pharaoh’s ant
  • Singapore ant
  • Sugar ant
  • White-footed house ant


Both the ant bait and outdoor spray with Termidor work in the same way where the ants basically do all the work by transporting the poison back with them to the colony.

The ants are not able to identify that the spray and bait are an insecticide they walk over the solution, carry it back with them to the colony, pass the chemical substance among each other where the are in fact eradicating the whole nest including the queen.

The benefit of this treatment too is that no matter where the colony lies, the ants will carry the pesticide with them into the colony.

You shouldn’t have to go and look for the colony, as the ants do all the hard work!



  • Clear spills and food crumbs right away.
  • Empty rubbish bins frequently
  • Don’t feed pets outdoors
  • Store food in pest-proof containers
  • Rinse off containers and jars before putting them in recycling bins


  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back from your home.
  • Keep gutters and storm drains devoid of debris
  • Look for new ant mounds or nests around your home
  • Keep trash bags closed and in closed rubbish bins
  • Close windows and doors


There are more than 35,000 species of spiders around the world and a number of thousand of these can be seen right here in Castle Hill. Spiders are available in wide varieties of size and colour, but are quickly recognised by their eight legs. Spiders are frequently helpful in the environment because they consume numerous types of bugs, including those that are unwanted pests.

If there is a build-up of spiders around or in your property this is generally because a pest treatment has not been implemented at the property for a long period of time.

It is very important to be aware that not all of the spider treatments are the same and your pest control expert will discuss with you what spiders you might be having an issue with.

How Our Spider treatment works

The spray that is used for spiders also covers you for other unwanted pests such as big cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, creamy coloured crickets and any existing wasp nests.

The spray and dust approach used for spiders not only eliminates the existing population but will also give you a longer term protection as a recurring defense is created.

If you’re having an issue with red back spiders or white tail spiders internally we utilise the smoke bombs as the standard rule with spiders is, that you must spray a spider directly in order to eradicate them. The fumigation can enter into places the typical spray will not such as under sofas, behind large or difficult to move cabinets and messy rooms.

While the chemical has to come directly in contact with the spider for it to die, ground spider treatments may need to be done frequently especially if you are in a known area for ground spiders.

Spider treatment Spots

Roofing: Dust/powder is sprayed into the roofing cavity by the way of a dust gun. The technician will utilise a ladder to access the roof cavity via the manhole and the dust will be spread throughout this area.

Internal: An interior barrier spray will be applied to the skirting boards throughout your home. All rooms will be treated with the skirting board spray. Dust may also be applied to any cracks and crevices within your home.

If you have white tail or red back spiders inside your home the technician will release more smoke bombs.

Sub Floor: Dust/powder will be applied into the location under your home.

External: Spray will be applied to the following locations; around windows, gutters, fascia’s, garage, sheds, paths, fence line, laundry, weep holes, cracks and crevices and Telstra pits. Should you have an issue with ground spiders, the chemical will be applied to all ground external locations as a blanket spray which is like colouring in the backyard locations with the chemical.

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