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Bed Bugs & Flea Control Services in Castle Hill

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius)

Bed bugs are becoming a growing problem worldwide and a lot of travellers suffer from them in hotel rooms on their holidays or business travels. Among the biggest fears of tourists is waking up in a hotel bed with the tell-tale bites and droplets of blood on the blankets! They’re also an increasing problem in student lodging, care homes and apartments.

Bed bugs cause emotional and physical distress by leaving behind itchy bites and spreading out panic. For companies, bed bugs can affect an establishment’s popularity and result in a downturn in income. Castle Hill Pest Control offers our consumers highly trained specialists, the latest innovations in bed bug detection and treatments to successfully get rid of bed bugs and avoid future problems.

Bed Bug Lifecycle

  • Bed bugs lay 200 - 500 eggs over a 2 month duration in batches of 10 to 50.
  • The adult female must get a blood meal before egg-laying.
  • The eggs are typically laid in crack and crevices and can be connected to things of furnishings or fixtures in clusters by a see-through material.
  • .  There are seven stages to the life cycle from egg to fully grown adult which can be from 45 days but may be up to a year.
  • The regular life span of a bed bug is fifty days to more than a year depending on favourable conditions.
  • They can live for weeks to months without feeding.

Castle Hill Pest Control’s bed bug control techniques & services

Castle Hill Pest Control are the professionals in bed bug control throughout Castle Hill. Our bed bug professionals have extensive local knowledge and are supported by more than ninety years of worldwide experience. You can be assured that your company or your family’s well-being are in good hands.

We can provide you with quick response times and a variety of bed bug treatment options perfect for use in all kinds of locations. Early diagnosis and ingenious options for example our Entotherm chemical-free heat treatment guarantee that bed bugs are eliminated and do not spread to other areas of your building. We also provide targeted chemical treatments to eradicate bed bugs in hard-to-reach locations, where appropriate.


Fleas are a common problem in houses, especially those with dogs and cats. You may discover an issue with fleas even if you do not have household pets, if previous owners of your home kept cats or dogs.

Fleas may also be carried on other, especially furry, animals like bunnies, foxes, rats, mice and livestock such as pigs.

As parasites, the biggest concern about the existence of fleas in your home or company comes from their bites. Although these aren’t painful, they could result in a distressing itching or allergy. Your pets could also develop allergies to flea saliva.

Castle Hill Pest Control’s flea treatments

Although fleas do not have wings, they have incredibly powerful elongated legs. These allow them to jump long ranges and move easily between you and your pets, leaving itchy bites.

Effective control requires treatment of both your house as well as your household pets, if you have them.

At Castle Hill Pest Control, we provide risk-free, efficient treatments for your house or business to ensure total control of your problem.

Our specialist, local service technicians are aware of the behaviours of flea types ensuring specific treatments to wipe out all your fleas.

The difficulty with fleas is ..

  •  Flea cocoons can continue to be dormant for 2 years. They only hatch whenever conditions are right
  • Flea eggs are very small (approx. 0.5 mm long), oval and white colored. They’re almost difficult to see against rugged areas like carpets, rugs and pet bedding.
  • A flea’s life-cycle could be anything from 14 days to about 8 months

 Fleas can reproduce fairly quickly. This makes it tough to prevent fleas entirely without expert assistance

Our specialist, local qualified specialists know exactly where to start with regards to eliminating fleas. They understand the habits of diverse kinds of flea and can provide the most appropriate and efficient option. It goes without saying that all of the treatment procedures utilised are safe for your family members and your pets.

Do you require specialist treatments from Castle Hill Pest Control?

If you have a flea situation you can’t get on top of, you can get in touch with us for a rapid, efficient solution.

Our 5 point plan for flea & Bed Bug issues

  1. Your local pest control specialist will arrange a convenient time with you for a complete and thorough evaluation of your facility.
  2. They will recommend a treatment plan based on your infestation– and provide you a cost to put the plan into action.
  3.  As soon as you’ve approved the price, your specialist will set up times for a service technician to see and fix your flea problem. You may need a number of sessions based on the treatment.
  4.  On the very first visit, the professional will go through the treatment procedure before the work starts.
  5.  We will also provide you tips on the ways to ensure your flea problem doesn’t come back.All Kill Pest Control Hero ImageDo you have a troubling flea or bed bug situation in Baulkham Hills, Glenhaven, Cherrybrook, West Pennant Hills, North Rocks, Bella Vista, Kellyville, Winston Hills, Beecroft, Dural and Castle Hill?  Get in touch with us now for free quote!

We pride ourselves as one of the handful of companies that provide an affordable pricing policy. Regardless of your budget plan, be assured that we can work something out for you! Our professional pest control specialists are eagerly waiting for your call. Contact us now!

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